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About UsWeb Design Internet Marketing is What We Do

We're a small web design studio with big ambition. This means more thought for your project, better care for our customers, client trust and more attention to detail. Being small gives us the advantage of flexibility that most web agencies don't have. We provide sincere personal attention to our client. We exceed your expectations on every project we manage. Our visual web solutions promote effective messaging that results for your company to be the leader in your targeted market. Larger web agencies can become slow moving. They lack the ability to quickly switch paths. On the other hand smaller agencies might have difficulty servicing large accounts, or maintaining reliability and consistency across all business sizes and projects. Web Design & Internet Marketing (WDIM) principal is to manoeuvre so that it will combine the best of both : we're fast, reliable, fresh, and innovative, yet we offer the necessary credibility to take even the most challenging and demanding projects.


Our Quest

Our purpose for existence to the web is to cover all functional needs and expectations of our customers and we do that by providing high quality services and creative, eye-catching websites which are friendly not only to visitors but to search engines too!


How We Do It



  • Social
  • Marketing
  • Design

We 're Focused on Results

We want results for our work just as much as we want to get paid for it.

We achieve Brilliant Finishes
We are excited about your project from the start till the end.

We achieve 100% Delivery
We can deliver every point of every proposal.

Our aim is to deliver Excellent Quality
We get the work right; using best web practices as well as social media best practices.

We 're Doing the Right Thing
We propose the right things to our clients and not the ones that will make us the most money.

We Honor Our Clients
We treat our clients with respect even when we believe that they are not right.

Personal Responsibility for All
Each of us is responsible for the success of our client's projects resulting in growing our relationships with you our client.

Always Transparency
Our clients will always know how we will aproach every project we work on and what will the results be at the end.


Our Working Process

The 3 steps of Our Working Process

Our working process can be summarized in only three basic steps. Each of these is characterized by quickness, efficiency and trustworthiness. We work close with our clients achieving best results ! Our customer support on every project continues even after we deliver.

planning & strategy

planning & strategy

We well plan and design a strategy together with our clients. We help our clients with our Experience for best results. We let them know of the process involved

design & develop

design & develop

This is our main involvement with every project. We take our job seriously and we always deliver on time! We cooperate with you for the best result possible.

test & deliver

test & deliver

We thoroughly test every website we deliver and we guarantee 100% on their functionality! We also fully support our projects for at least a year.

Our Statistics in Web Design & Internet Marketing OUR STATS

Our Statistics in Web Design & Internet Marketing


Our Statistics in Web Design & Internet Marketing


Our Statistics in Web Design & Internet Marketing


Our Statistics in Web Design & Internet Marketing



"We at WDIM will ensure your project is in good hands. Impressing you with our incredible creations is what we’re all about. We always strive to form long lasting relationships with our clients."

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Business web design and digital marketing. Website design & marketing
Business web design and digital marketing. Website design & marketing